Moscow, Russia

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation launched a new project to create a “Museum Townbuilt on the centennial complex of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. This ambitious project aims to become a model of conservation and cultural heritage by reshaping the six hectares museum territory and transforming it into a world-class cultural destination.

Our approach to the project was to rethink the entire concept of the institution to engage modernity and classicism in a mutual dialogue preparing a full site masterplan which proposes a new distribution of activities between old and new buildings, adding new services, functions and an all-new range of activities.


Shared vision for the entire territory with optimal redistribution of functions over the 30 buildings linked by underground galleries

Accessibility standards applied all buildings

Total museum area increased by two up to 125 000 sqm

Exhibition area expanded by 1/3

Number of temporary exhibitions organized yearly multiplied by 3

Increased number of items on display from 8 to 15%

Augmented maximum capacity from 1.5 million to 3 million visitors

Addition of a new building to accommodate the museum’s Depository and Restoration Center of 11 000 sqm

New organizational and operational model