Moscow, Russia

GES-2, a major cultural centre run by the V-A-C Foundation, has taken over the site of a decommissioned power station near Moscow’s Kremlin. Dedicated to the production and development of Russian contemporary art, the project is part of the “Red October” district, a chocolate factory turned into a cultural and social experience.

We have been associated at all the steps of the project, from the concept’s creation to the operational phase, and we worked on all its aspects, from business planning to cultural programming. Our approach to the initial concept of the space articulated a visual and performing art experience in order to invigorate the local art scene, and to reflect the creative spirit of contemporary Russia.


Development of 15 major temporary exhibitions per year

Creation of a highly diverse cultural programming leading to 3400 activities a year including, 7 festivals & art prizes, 5 education and training programs, 30 concerts, 25 movie nights

Planification of the project on the strategic, institutional, operational and financial levels

Strengthening the capacities of the teams with tailor-made workshops