Paris, France

The ENGIE Coeur Campus is the new ENGIE headquarters project located in La Garenne-Colombes in the outskirts of Paris. The Campus, deployed on an 8-hectare site, will occupy 95,000 m² of office space, with several hectares of parks and green spaces. This human-centered space, open to all ENGIE employees, professional or institutional partners, is part of a larger project to renew the neighborhood and fully includes the residents of the municipality.

We have worked alongside ENGIE collaborators to design a facility that is centered around lively and fully modular spaces meeting the collective and individual needs and expectations of its audiences. The campus includes exhibition spaces as well as meeting and training rooms, collaborative spaces, showrooms, auditoriums, living labs, outdoors spaces, and more. Each space serves multiple functions which often includes a cultural programme, bringing art in every corner of the campus.


Feasability study for the exhibition design of the project of the new headquarters accommodating 10,000 employees

Development of a cultural programming offer for the employees of ENGIE