Le Caire, Egypte

The Grand Egyptian Museum stands as the largest and most modern archaeological museum complex in the world. This iconic museum will house, preserve and present some of the world’s greatest ancient treasures from pre-historic times through Egypt’s pharaonic civilization and modern Greek and Roman periods of Egyptian history. Through a wide range of scientific and cultural programs, the GEM will celebrate Egypt’s timeless heritage across 480,000 square meters of land next to the Gizeh Pyramids.

Our role was to set up a strategy for the internal operational structure as well as the development of a vision for the entire GEM territory. As we saw the need to leverage Egypt’s intangible assets and heritage, we developed a long-lasting cultural strategy anchored in contemporary innovations that catered to all audiences, local or foreign alike in order to offer a unique visitor experience. 


Development of a cultural strategy over a 10-year timeline with 19 big-scale projects

Building an entire internal organizational and governance plan for the Museum

Recruitment of a team trained to offer a high-quality visitor experience

Elaboration of a business plan with projection on over 12 years, and a pricing and ticketing strategy

Launch of a museum development and partnership strategy adapted to a renowned museum and anchored in the Egyptian territory