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Louvre Lens

Lens, France

One of France's biggest developments in 2012 is finally unveiled. The brand new Louvre, called the Louvre-Lens, was officially inaugurated by President François Hollande on December 4, and opens its doors to the public on December 12 2012.

Designed by Japanese architectural firm SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa), along with Le Studio Adrien Gardère and landscape designer Catherine Mosbach 

Situated on 50 acres that was once a major coal mining site, the museum consists of five buildings, including four rectangular buildings with one large square building in the center, mirroring the design of the Paris Louvre with its two outstretched wings.

The museum displays objects from the collections of the Musée du Louvre in three main galleries: the Galerie du Temps, le Pavillon de Verre and La Galerie d'Exposition Temporaire. The master wing of the museum, the Galerie du Temps, exhibits 205 masterpieces from the Paris Louvre over a five-year period, showcasing works in chronological and geographic order, initially focusing on the periods of the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Modern art. Le Pavillon de Verre (Glass Pavilion) is a continuation of the Galerie du temps, where visitors can view artworks from neighboring museums in the region. Finally, La Galerie d'Exposition Temporaire houses the museum's two temporary exhibits per year. 

This museum is also unique in that it gives a behind-the-scenes view of the inner-workings of the museum by allowing the public to see into its storerooms and restoration rooms.

In total, the project cost 150 million euros, and hopes to attract an average of 500,000 visitors per year.