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La Dame à la Licorne au Musée national du Moyen Age

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Musée de Cluny
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In 1992, Avesta Group implemented its skill in project management to showcase the tapestry La Dame à la licorne in the Musée national du Moyen Age in Paris, France. 



The Order of Cluny

The burgundy monastic Order of Cluny, a powerful network of abbeys throughout western Europe, established three learning centres in France during the medieval times, including one in Paris around the 13th century. Deconstructed during the Haussmann remodelling of Paris, the medieval college doesn't exist anymore, but the magnificent residence of the abbot teachers remains. Still reluctant to the first Renaissance style, the Hotel of Cluny delivers a testimony of the flamboyant gothic architecture. The brilliance of the architect combined the ambitious construction with antic thermals and an irregular land and offered a vaulted chapel, treasure of the Hotel. For these reasons, and thanks to its central location in the Vth rounding of Paris, the place has been appointed as the French National Museum of Medieval Arts since the half of the 19th century. 


Museum of a Marvel

When the state acquired the Hotel, the family Du Sommerrard, former owners, left a vast collection dedicated to Middle Age arts. The family continued to enlarge the collection, working with the historical monuments commission, acquiring significant works including the Lady and the Unicorn. Though as a thematic path, the museum has met many reorganisations in line with the many acquisitions and exchanges. New showcases have been settled to preserve the identity of the building as well as the masterpieces. The six tapestries composing the Lady and the Unicorn are now protected and highlighted by a precious casket.


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