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Paris, France
Radio France
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In 2007, the Museum was temporarily closed to the public due to the renovation of the Maison de la Radio. Avesta Group worked on the new planning of this project.


An Exceptional Collection of Sound and Images Machines

The Maison de la Radio, conceived by Henry Bernard and inaugurated on December 14th, 1963 by General Charles de Gaulle, shelters a museum which redraws the history of the radio, the television and the sound-recording from the previous account to our days.
The Musée de Radio France (Radio France Museum) was established in 1966 and contained a remarkable collection of radios and televisions from their origins to the present day, including the 1793 telegraph by Claude Chappe and early crystal radios. The Museum's 2,000 objects include prototypes and commercial devices, archival documents, photographs, and manuscripts, replicas of old radio laboratories and studios, and exhibits featuring research by Edouard Branly, Lee de Forest, Heinrich Hertz, Gugliemo Marconi, James Clerk Maxwell and Alexander Stepanovich Popov.


The Maison de la Radio renovation

In 2007, the museum was closed to the public: an extensive series of works to bring the Maison de la Radio up to standard is an opportunity to rethink spaces in the direction of a broader opening to the public. Avesta Group was in charge of developing a new strategic concept, which allows presenting another facet of the museum, improving the reception of the people and the educational mission while considering the renovation of the building.
Today, the Musée de Radio France regularly offers artistic projects and exhibitions in resonance with its musical and cultural programming. By accompanying these events on its website and mobile application, the Musée de Radio France extends their access to the public.

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