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Paul Alezraa.

Rend Beiruti

Junior Consultant

•       Gallery Assistant for Gallery AGorgi, London, UK

•       Correspondent at AFAR Magazine, Dubai, UAE

•       Field Researcher for Bahraini NGO, Manama, Bahrain

•       Field Capstone Researcher, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE

•       President of NYUAD Student Body, Abu Dhabi, UAE

•       Public Interest Surveyor for the Louvre, Abu Dhabi, UAE

•       President of Arab Cultural Club, Abu Dhabi, UAE

•       Researcher & Collaborator on Migrant Rights, Chiapas, Mexico

Rend Beiruti has a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Theatre Studies with a minor in Political Science.

Rend is currently a Special Correspondent for AFAR Magazine and an NGO researcher on domestic workers’ affairs in the UAE. 

Throughout her undergraduate years, Rend has honed in on her interview and research skills, working with refugees in France and Mexico, students in Brazil, and various groups in the UAE.  

Rend’s research is invested in building bridges between urban landscapes and cultural productions and analyzing the relationship between the two. Her latest work focused on UAE’s little grocery shops or baqalas and their relationship to the country’s histories, economies, and peoples.  

As a student of both the arts and the humanities, Rend is passionate about combining both fields in her work life, having worked in and with galleries, NGOs, media outlets, and theatre companies in various capacities.



• BA, Abu Dhabi, New York University of Abu Dhabi

• High School, Dubai, The International School of Choueifat (ISC)