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Laƫtitia Nguyen

Graphic Designer

  • Khozam Palace and Museum, Saudi Arabia
  • Assalam Museum, Saudi Arabia
  • Urban maps and Warehouses planning for the Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque, Dunkerque, France
  • School of Psychologists Practitioners, Paris, France
  • Rehabilitation of pigsties, Bretagne, France
  • Illustrations on ecology for Créteil CAUE, Créteil, France
  • Laet-it-Brit photography, Paris, France

LAËTITIA NGUYEN holds a Master's degree in Architecture from Paris Val de Seine Architecture National School.

Her numerous personal experiences in illustration, graphic design added to her formation in architecture allow her to develop both her sense of space and her taste for aesthetic and graphism.

At the Architecture National School in Paris, she participated in the competition of the Musée des Beaux Arts in Reims, France, where she explored an underscoring of the museum reserves.

She worked for several architecture agencies, where she learned to compose with various scales at a time, whether it is urban planning or product design. She also made architecture and urbanism maquettes during her interships or as freelancer.

Her curiosity and her desire to merge various bordering fields as design, art, architecture, photography and haute couture, led her to approach each project with fresh eyes and different inspirations.

Since 2018, Laëtitia works with Avesta Group as a graphic designer on cultural projects and on external communication. From three-dimensional to two-dimensional, she employs her skills in architecture to provide an added value to the way she constructs graphism.


·         Master’s Degree in Architecture, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paris Val de Seine, Paris, France