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Ahmed Yacout

Junior Consultant

• King Abdulaziz Museum, Jeddah, KSA

• Research Coordinator, NYU Abu Dhabi.

• Research Assistant, “The Tangled Web of Policy Support: Foundations and Environmental NGOs”, Professor Adam Ramey, NYU Abu Dhabi.

• Research Assistant and Data Miner, “European Integration, Regional Specialization, and Asymmetric Shocks”, Professor Ronald Rogowski, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA.

• Assistant Arts Curator, NYU Abu Dhabi

Ahmad Yacout has a BA in History and Political Science. He is a member of Professor Peter Stamatov’s research team at NYUAD and is also a junior consultant specialized in Exhibition Planning and Scientific Content Development ate Avesta Group, currently working on the Al Khozam Palace - King Abdulaziz Museum in Jeddah and other major museums projects in the region.

Over the years, he has conducted research on voter theory, political economy and historical sociology with the professors in NYUAD and UCLA.

Ahmad also helped organize the “Regional Intercountry Meeting on The Implementation Of Pictorial Graphic Health Warnings And Plain Packaging On Tobacco Products” in 2016 while working with the World Health Organization’s regional office in Cairo, Egypt.

Ahmad’s devotion to classical and modern Arab and Islamic history motivates him to reconcile the gap between the past and the Arab world’s trials with modernity. His latest project focused on North African Islamic movements in the 11th century and notions of theological and political centers and periphery in the Arab World




• BA, Abu Dhabi, New York University of Abu Dhabi

• High School, Abu Dhabi, American International School of Abu Dhabi (AISA)