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Moscow International Forum

Moscow International Forum "Culture. Look into the Future" 15-18 October 2014

CEH “Manege”, Moscow,  Russia


Moscow International Forum "Culture. Look into the future", organized by the Moscow Department of Culture, will take place on October 15 - 18 in the Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” The Forum will become the first experience of professional analysis and discussion of metropolitan cultural environment changes in recent years, and will form the agenda for further development. The Forum will become the main event of the Year of Culture 2014 and will bring together more than 4000 attendees from 15 countries. Paul Alezraa will present on "Why Culture is so important for Moscow in the 21st century".

The First Festival of Culture in Moscow

October 2014, Moscow, Russia


International forum is a key event of the Year of Culture which will bring together more than 2,500 russian and international experts in different fields of culture.

The forum will take place in the Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” in Moscow. There also going to be concerts, exhibitions, performances, film sceening and urban food market. 


Paul Alezraa in The Art Newspaper Russia

Paul Alezraa, museum consultant: "Hours of queue for exhibitions - this is not normal "

Anna Savitskaia

The Art Newspaper Russia

June 2014, Moscow, Russia


Paul Alezraa, director of Avesta Group was interviewed by the Art Newspaper Russia regarding the work of the company in Russia describing the several projects he is involved in. Paul Alezraa was also asked to give its view on the present situation of museums in Russia, their weaknesses and strengths and on the general management of culture in Russia. He strongly insisted on improving visitors’ facilities, welcoming standards and experience and noted the need for more training for the managers of culture in Russia to reach international standards. 

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts will become a museum square and will work day and night

Moscow, Russia


Ministry of Culture and the National Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts announced a closed competition for development of architectural concept for the museum. Chief Architect of Moscow Sergei Kuznetzov said that creation of a new concept is a really difficult task for architects. The Museum cluster should fit into the urban environment. Each building of the museum will have its own speciality, there will be an exhibition hall, restoration complex, education center, library, cinema, park, restaurants, shops, etc. The museum will be the place where visitors can spend the whole day.

The winner will be chosen on June 24. The reconstruction scheduled to be completed in 2020.

BREUS Foundation announced the results of the first stage of the architectural competition of the project “Udarnik”

The Kandinsky Prize official website

April 2014, Moscow, Russia


On the 10th of April 2014, the representatives of the major architecture firms will arrive in Moscow at the behest of the BREUS Foundation to participate in the final stage of the closed competition for developing the project of the Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in the Udarnik Cinema Building. The architects will present their own concepts of the reconstruction and creation of a new museum complex.

BREUS Foundation has hired Avesta as a consultancy of the project as it is well-known for its work with world’s largest cultural centres and museums.

A public space will be created on the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts territory

Evening Moscow

April 2014, Moscow, Russia


On Sunday, April 13 was announced that on the territory of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts will be created a public space. New development concept includes this project. Marina Loshak said that it is planned to create a great cultural cluster. The project was developed together with the consulting company Avesta Group Consultancy. 

The new concept of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts: pedestrian zones and subways

April 2014, Moscow, Russia


The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts presented a new concept of development. It is planned to create a museum quarter and expand the exhibition space up to 105 thousand sq m. Historic fences and cultural heritage will be maintained. The road around the building will become a pedestrian zone and the territory of the Roerich museum will be integrated into the system of footpaths. Visitors will have an opportunity to walk between the exhibitions underground. 

New architectural appearance of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts will be shown in June

Коммерческая недвижимость / Cpmmercial Property

June 2014, Moscow, Russia


A competition for the best architectural concept of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts has started in Moscow. The winner will be chosen soon after.

Maria Loshak, the director of the museum, thinks that the new concept should involve a comprehensive development of the museum and the surrounding area. It is planned to build 17 000 sq.m. of new buildings, among them-the exhibition area, restoration and the depository building. Old squares and parks in the entire museum complex will be saved.

New concept of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts will be presented in Moscow

April 2014, Moscow, Russia


At a press conference on April the 10th a new concept of development of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts will be presented. The conference will be attended by Culture Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Tolstoy, Deputy Culture Minister Elena Milovzorova, the Chief architect of Moscow Sergei Kuznetsov and Director of the The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Marina Loshak.

After the presentation the beginning of the architectural competition will be announced. 

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts announced the start of the architectural competition

Ekaterina Allyonova

April 2014, Moscow, Russia


On April 10,2014 The National Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts at a press conference held in the Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning announced the start of the architectural competition for the implementation of the new concept «Museum town». A new system of courts, subways are going to be build. Construction of new buildings is planned to include: the depositary, exhibition galleries and workshops (museum area should be increased from 49 thousand sq.m to 105 thousand sq.m). New cafe, lecture halls, rooms for children, souvenir shops, designer shops and etc. will be situated in the «Museum Town».The total budget for all these large-scale events is about 22 billion rubles.


Challenge for three

April 2014, Moscow, Russia


Reconstruction of Pushkin museum became a topical issue in summer 2013.

There was an urgent need to organize a competition in order to chose a new architect. But before that the concept should be clarified as there were a lot of unresolved issues.

The concept and development program were reviewed and finalised by French company Avesta Group headed by Paul Alezraa. This is a professional international planner and operator that caters for the museums and other cultural institutions.

They helped Pushkin specialists to organize the circulation, space and to comprehend the historical environment and recommended maximum sensitive approach to it.

The results of this work formed the criteria for closed architectural competition, that was announced on 10 June 2014.

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts will be reconstructed

Nina Batalova

Moskovskaya Pravda

April 2014, Moscow, Russia


Reconstruction ought to help the design and creation of a new museum complex that meets all innovations of the XXI century. It's aim is to turn The Pushkin Museum into one of the most popular museums in the world. In this regard the Ministry of Culture, The Pushkin Museum with the support of Moscomarchitecture announced an architectural competition.

The new concept forms a type of urban open space where the museum becomes an important cultural cluster in the centre of Moscow.